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What Will You See?


Just Imagine...

Using the latest in ultrasound technology, you will get to see what your baby looks like today!  All those movements you feel every day, see them happen in real time.  See your baby stretching, yawning, poking, pushing, thumb sucking, even playing with fingers and toes!  You will get to see your baby in action!

Being able to share these pictures with your family and friends.  You can!  Visit our services & pricing page to find out how you can keep these precious moments. 


Tips for your 3D ultrasound

Go at the right time within your pregnancy

First look!! Heart beat early as 8 weeks.

If you are just interested in checking gender, you can go in as early as 18 weeks. Any earlier and the results may not be accurate, leading to an extra coat of paint in the nursery. 

to get good 3D pictures, 3D ultrasounds are best performed between 24 and 36 weeks, and the best pictures are between 27 and 32 weeks. 

If you are looking for a close up picture of the face then 27-28 weeks is the best time. 

After 32 weeks, there is less fluid around the baby to work with, which can lead to suboptimal results. Also, after 32 weeks the baby may have already moved into the pelvis, making getting any good view of the baby impossible. 

Drink plenty of water in the weeks leaking up to the appointment to increase the fluid around the baby. 

This means eight-8 ounce glasses a day for at least the week leading up to your appointment. This helps clear up the amniotic fluid and ensures that there is enough fluid around the baby. Start well in advance: it doesn't have much benefit to only drink water the night before or the morning of your ultrasound. 

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